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Block paving Gillingham

If you have block paving on the driveway or other external area of your Gillingham property, it’s likely to be your pride and joy. That’s why it can be particularly aggravating when spills or stains threaten to spoil the appearance of your block paving. Here are some tips for getting rid of marks, stains and spills on your Gillingham block paving:

Oil stains

Act quickly if you find an oil stain on your block paving. If you deal with it as soon as it happens, by removing it with an absorbent cloth, it won’t stain. If the oil leaves a stain on your Gillingham block paving, try using a strong detergent or emulsifying degreaser to remove it.

Rust marks

First, find where the rust marks have come from and remove the source from your block paving. Clean the rust itself by applying a 10% hydrochloric acid solution. Be careful – always follow the manufacturer’s instructions as this could mark your block paving if misused.


If the paint is wet, soak up as much as you can, then treat the area with a suitable solvent and wash it off with a general detergent. For dried paint, try to scrape as much off your Gillingham block paving as you can, then use an appropriate paint remover and rinse with detergent.

Tyre marks and scuffs

Most tyre marks will disappear by themselves over time. If you want to remove them more quickly, scrub the affected area of your Gillingham block paving with water and detergent.

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