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Block paving Gravesend

Block paving is becoming a very popular way for Gravesend home owners to improve or extend the driveways of their properties. In fact, many people are choosing to block pave over their front garden, in order to gain extra parking space and reduce the need to maintain a front garden.

While this can be a fantastic idea, what many Gravesend home owners don’t know is that they may need planning permission from the council in order to block pave over their front gardens. This is because paving over your garden can reduce opportunities for rain water to drain away, causing an environmental risk.

When you need planning permission for Gravesend block paving

You’ll probably need planning permission for your Gravesend block paving project if:

  • your block paving will cover a surface of more than 5 square metres and you won’t be using permeable block paving
  • you want to carry out certain other work at the same time, such as creating a dropped kerb

When you don’t need planning permission for Gravesend block paving

You won’t need planning permission for your block paving project if:

  • you’re using a permeable (or porous) surface which will allow water to drain through
  • you’re putting measures in place that will direct rainwater from the paved area to a lawn or border where it can drain naturally

It’s important to check whether you’ll need planning permission before you go ahead. A good Gravestone block paving contractor will be able to advise you on whether you need to apply for planning permission.

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