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Block paving Medway

One of the biggest headaches faced by any Medway property owner with block paving is the prevention of weeds growing in the paving. It’s almost impossible to prevent weeds altogether, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep your Medway block paving as clear and free from weeds as possible.

  1. Regularly sweep your block paved area, in order to remove the dirt and grime which are a perfect place for weeds to grow.
  2. Use weed killer regularly on the surface of your Medway block paving. This will help prevent young weeds from growing bigger and causing a nuisance.
  3. Pull up any weeds you do see quickly, before they have a chance to take root and spread. You might need to do this more regularly in the summer months.
  4. Consider applying a sealant on the top of your block paving and the joints between the blocks. This can help stop weeds from growing in the sand between the joints. Remember that even if you do this, dirt can still accumulate on top of the sealant, so you’ll still need to keep your Medway block paving clean and treated for weeds.
  5. You could consider having a membrane installed as part of the under-layer of your block paving when it’s laid. This may help stop weeds from growing up from under the block paving.

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