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Block paving Sittingbourne

Many Sittingbourne home owners are realising the benefits that block paving can bring to the exterior of their property. Granted, block paving creates a fantastic appearance, but increasingly, people in Sittingbourne are concerned about the environmental impact of the improvements they make to their home.

Potential impacts of block paving

While block paving isn’t in itself detrimental to the environment, it can nevertheless have environmental consequences, particularly if you’re creating new parking areas in a space that used to be garden. For example, if there is heavy or sustained rainfall around your Sittingbourne home, this can result in the drainage system becoming overloaded and cause catastrophic flooding. Some people choose to add membranes, tanks or soakaways in order to minimise this risk of their Sittingbourne block paving, but these can be costly and time-consuming to install.

A solution for sustainable driveways: permeable block paving

Fortunately there is a solution which means that Sittingbourne block paving doesn’t have to cause an environmental risk. Permeable block paving provides the benefits of an efficient drainage system, allowing rainfall to return to the water table without needing other solutions. Surface water simply passes between the paving blocks into a special sub-base below.

To find out more about whether permeable block paving might be right for your property, contact a Sittingbourne block paving company today.

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