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Driveways Maidstone

With parking at a premium in the Maidstone area, it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of home owners are considering turning their front gardens into driveway. Paving over your garden to create a driveway in Maidstone can have many benefits – you’ll no longer have to worry about finding a parking space on the street when you come home at night, and you’ll have less maintenance to worry about in your home’s outside space.

Creating driveways Maidstone in your front garden: things to consider

Turning your front garden into a driveway in Maidstone isn’t without its risks. It’s well known that the increasing trend for paving over gardens to create driveways does contribute to flooding risks, and can mean the loss of vital habitats for wildlife. So here are some things to consider before you go ahead:

  • you’ll probably need planning permission to create your new Maidstone driveway if you don’t use permeable (or porous) surfacing – so either consider permeable options, or get advice from a local Maidstone driveways expert to help you work out what you need to do
  • you could consider gravel or bonded gravel for your Maidstone driveway, as this will allow free drainage of rain water
  • look for opportunities to use plants and foliage in your front garden – for example, do you have walls that climbing plants could scramble up? Things like this can minimise paving and maximise planting surfaces.

To get some advice on any aspect of turning front gardens into driveways Maidstone, contact a local driveways contractor to find out more.

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