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Driveways Rainham

If you have a driveway in front of your Rainham home, you’ll know it’s important to keep it looking at its best, which means choosing a surface material that will look good, while also standing up to frequent use and the elements. There are many different options available for Rainham driveways, with one of them being tar and shingle driveways.

What is tar and shingle?

A tar and shingle driveway is laid on an existing concrete or tarmac base, meaning there aren’t any expensive preparation works to worry about. A shingle finish is then applied and rollered onto a bitumen (or tar) surface. Shingle can come in lots of different sizes and colours, meaning tar and shingle can suit all kinds of Rainham driveways.

Is there a better option for Rainham driveways?

While tar and shingle is a popular and cost-effective option for driveways in Rainham, there may be better options for you. For example, the bitumen used in tar and shingle can be prone to melting in very hot weather, which can ruin the appearance and surface of your driveway. For a longer-lasting finish, you might want to consider a resin-bound driveway instead. While this is undoubtedly a more expensive option up-front, it is likely to last for many more years, so could represent better value for money and fewer maintenance headaches for driveways in Rainham.

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